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PHSE Emotional Literacy teaching resource

Talk About… provides opportunities for Emotional Literacy, discussion and enquiry work in your PHSE lessons. A selection of photographs, appropriate to primary age children, show a wide range of common emotions and feelings that children will be familiar with. These can either be displayed on a projector or by using the photo cards that can be copied from a downloadable resource booklet. Children should be encouraged to work in pairs or small groups to discuss the photographs and consider questions.

Talk About… can be used to support your existing PHSE scheme of work or used as a stand-alone resource. It is particularly effective to discuss issues that arise in class or in school, such as bullying, being a friend or helping other people or to support whole school initiatives such as eSafety, Friendship Week or Anti-bullying week.

Emotions and feelings

…afraid, fear, scared, bullying, teasing, angry, fury, rage, frustrated, eSafety, bored, lonely, sad, upset, concentrating, helpful, supportive, hurt, naughty, irresponsible, sneaky, tired, exhausted, happy, proud, excited, unwell, love, shock, surprise, hate, fussy, aggressive, puzzled, confused


Speech bubbles

Speech bubbles

Discussion questions

Discussion questions

Think bubbles

Think bubbles


  • Range of emotions and feelings
  • 38 high-quality photographs
  • Background music – mute and volume options
  • Toggle on-screen questions on and off to prompt discussion
  • Child-friendly characters
  • Toggle speech and thought bubbles on and off to promote discussion
  • Pen tool for use on Interactive Whiteboard
  • Copiable photo booklet download
  • Perfect for Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and SEN pupils

High quality photographs

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Value for money

This resource is not priced per pupil – the cost shown is the total cost. However, based on an average of 200 pupils, this resource works out at less than 50p per pupil.

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