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The progression framework from JMB Education is a comprehensive guide designed for educators to scaffold the development of writing skills from Key Stages 1 through 3. This framework offers a structured approach to cultivating proficient writers equipped with a strong foundation in both the mechanical and creative aspects of writing.

At the core of this framework is the progression model that aligns closely with the national curriculum requirements, ensuring that students not only meet but exceed the expected standards. Each key stage is carefully detailed to provide clear guidance on the progression of skills and knowledge, from the fundamentals of sentence construction and spelling in the early years to more complex narrative and non-narrative structures in later stages.

This framework provides clarity on year-on-year progression, with detailed components that outline the acquisition of key knowledge and skills. It serves as both a roadmap and a resource, aiding in the planning of lessons that are both engaging and educational, tailored to the needs of each individual school and its students.

Key stages 1 – 3.

49 pages



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