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The progression framework from JMB Education is designed to develop reading knowledge and skills across Key Stages 1 to 3. The framework plays a pivotal role in fostering automaticity in reading, which is essential for developing fluent and proficient readers. Automaticity refers to the ability to recognise words quickly and effortlessly, which is fundamental for freeing up cognitive resources to focus on more complex tasks such as comprehension and critical analysis of texts. As children progress through the stages of the framework, they are systematically exposed to phonics, word recognition, and decoding strategies that enhance their ability to process text at a faster pace. This structured progression is designed to build a solid foundation of early reading skills, which gradually leads to increased reading speed and smoother transitions between lines and sentences. By achieving automaticity, readers can devote more attention to understanding and interpreting the meaning behind texts, thus deepening their engagement with and enjoyment of reading. This capability not only boosts their confidence but also plays a crucial role in their academic success across subjects, as proficient reading is a cornerstone of effective learning.

Reading development is not a linear process; children often progress at varying rates across different components of reading. This means a child may excel in phonemic awareness but might need more support in comprehension or vocabulary. Each component of reading—such as decoding or inference —develops through a series of overlapping stages rather than a fixed sequence. As a result, children might exhibit strengths in certain areas while simultaneously facing challenges in others. This non-linear progression highlights the importance of tailored instruction that meets each child’s unique needs at their current stage in each reading component. Such an approach ensures that learning is more effective and responsive, helping each child to maximise their reading potential.

Key stages 1 – 3.

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