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Click someone to find out who they are and what they like.


Soy Sebastian. Me encanta el deporte.


Soy Romeo. Me gusta comer, jugar, saltar y correr.


Hola! Me llamo Abdul. Me gusta navegar por internet.


Hola! Me llamo Maria. Me gusta escuchar musica y bailar.


Buenos dias, soy Juan. Me gusta leer y ver la television.

Teach Spanish with fun, exciting, challenging and varied teaching resources presented by native Spanish speakers so pupils can hear and then reproduce authentic pronunciation. Hola Español contains everything you need to teach Spanish at Key Stage 2 (and lower KS3) and meets the National Curriculum 2014 primary languages requirements.

  • videos
  • colourful characters
  • fun songs and stories
  • quizzes, puzzles, games
  • verb and grammar rules
  • vocabulary lists
  • teacher’s notes
  • copiable worksheets

*** NEW FOR MAY 2024 ***

  • New units – shopping, measurements

Units of work include…

  • Telling the time

    Telling the time

  • Parts of the body

    Parts of the body

  • Parts of the head

    Parts of the head

  • Christmas


  • The alphabet

    The alphabet

  • Numbers to 100

    Numbers to 100

  • Wild animals

    Wild animals

  • Pets


  • In the classroom

    In the classroom

  • The date

    The date

  • Months


  • Seasons


  • Spanish countries

    Spanish countries

  • 2D shapes

    2D shapes

  • Colours


  • On the farm

    On the farm

  • Instructions


  • The family

    The family

  • Days of the week

    Days of the week

  • Weather


  • Birthday


  • Songs


  • Stories


  • Where we live

    Where we live

  • In the village and town

    In the village and town

  • 3D shapes

    3D shapes

  • Greetings


  • Vegetables


  • Fruit


  • The doctor

    The doctor

  • Musical instruments

    Musical instruments

  • Jobs


  • Zoo and habitats

    Zoo and habitats

  • Appearance


  • Sports


  • Directions


    Focus on vocabulary

    Focus on vocabulary

    Conversation models with audio

    Conversation models with audio

    Games and activities

    Games and activities

    Try some units - click an image to launch a lesson

    Classroom instructions
    Greetings – how are you?
    Parts of the head

    About the authors

    The authors of Hola Español are both experienced primary practitioners. John has been teaching primary children for twenty years and Maria has been teaching Spanish to key stage 2 children in schools for more than ten years. Maria is a native Spanish speaker. Both contributed to the development of the Spanish Scheme of Work for Tower Hamlets Local Authority. They also worked with the BBC Primary Spanish website project manager when the BBC website was under development several years ago.

    About the resources

    Our teaching resources meet the National Curriculum for England 2014 statutory requirements for teaching languages at key stage 2. The teaching resources develop grammar, vocabulary and listening skills. They have been used and developed in Tower Hamlets schools for several years. The content also features audio to assist non-specialist teachers to support pronunciation. The resources have been optimised to work on all devices: PC and Mac – including those using an Interactive Whiteboard, Windows tablets, Android tablets, iPads and iPhones.

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