The session was very well received by staff. It included lots of relevant theory and support for practitioners to provide them with a good overview of developing children's memory. There were some useful strategies for teachers to implement in class and aspects that we will pull together as a whole school to ensure consistency.

Mike Dixon Acresfield Academy Long-term memory and knowledge

Very informative and clear. Interactive, so questions were able to addressed, which was a real benefit. John clearly has a very thorough knowledge and understanding of the topic, which meant the information was clear and easily accessible.

Danielle Weatherall Monkseaton Middle School ASP and IDSR

This morning's session was a great subject specific run through of outstanding leadership within primary languages. It provided helpful insight into the deep dive process, building upon my own knowledge from SLT sessions in school.

Alexa Carey Fens Primary School Outstanding languages at KS2

I found this course extremely helpful and informative. John was more than generous with the way he answered all of our questions and made the training personal by making sure that our particular queries were highlighted and that he helped and advised as far as possible. I particularly enjoyed understanding how an Ofsted Deep Dive would be carried out and think that the resources shared with us on the slides were very informative and useful. I very much look forward to being able to use these in my school. Thank you.

Sophie Scarles Castle Hill Primary School Outstanding languages at KS2

Really clear, methodical coverage of all aspects of reading curriculum developmental stages & ways of over-coming hurdles explored – e.g. plateau at 6-8. Practical application based on research – came away with good ideas what this might look like in practice. Great recommendations, websites, sharing good practice. Thank you!

Cate Paczynska Oakdale Infant School Reading deep dives

Excellent coverage of all things needed in preparation for a deep dive and for disseminating to staff back in school. Useful resources throughout the session and plenty of food for thought to take away and action. Many thanks once again!

Corinne Connolly St James Primary Outstanding languages at KS2

It was extremely useful to see how to map out the curriculum for MFL from Year 3 to Year 6. The potential questions that may be asked by Ofsted was insightful and has allowed me to think of areas of strength and development for myself and my school. John explained the questions in detail and gave some potential responses which made the entire Ofsted deep-dive expreience appear much less daunting. The session has filled me with confidence and given me a tool kit and a long list of things to do following the session. Thank you for this session, it has been one of the most productive training sessions I have participated in.

Amy Jones The Priory Primary School Outstanding languages at KS2

I feel very enthusiastic about planning/delivering some of the techniques and strategies I have learned and I will be able to share with my colleagues and support my role as English lead. The free writing toolkit will be extremely useful for providing scaffolding for children. Gave me some areas of research – to further my knowledge and understanding; particularly around schemas and working memory. Fab links to OFSTED helping us to focus on how that will impact whole school development plan.

Nicola Turnock Northumberland Pupil Referral Unit Outstanding writing at KS2

Very interesting and raised a lot of questions.

Tim Harrison Doucecroft School Deep dives for governors

The Deep-Dive Subject Leaders training course provided by JMB Education was excellent. John presented the materials in a methodical and straightforward manner, always keen to invite and answer questions from the delegates. This was the best 'virtual' training I have received this year by far! There was a clear purpose and high level of encouragement sustained throughout by John, who sought to instil confidence within the delegates. The support materials were succinct and well designed, with delegates invited to download to utilise towards the end of the course. John's experience and understanding was comprehensive, with a real focus on being able to implement changes necessary into a variety of settings including SEND. There was a clear focus at subject leader level, although teachers and senior leaders were also catered for, with advice provided for all levels of staff within schools. I feel fully able and confident in being able to implement the focus of this course into my school, with many support materials relevant to training for teachers, middle leaders and within the senior team. I would highly recommend this training to all levels of staff working within the curriculum design and delivery in preparation for an OFSTED visit. The major advantage with this training was that the changes suggested would have a significant impact for the pupils/students within schools, not purely designed for inspection purposes!

Phil McBride High Grange School Deep Dives for subject leaders

It was a really good use of time for the course, it was informative and I'm filled with ideas of how to take Computing further at our school.

Paul Higginbotham Charlestown Community Primary School Outstanding Computing Subject Leadership

This is the first computing course in a long time! It helped me prioritise my next steps and reassure me that I'm heading in the right direction!

Debbie Sadiq St Peter's Primary School Outstanding Computing Subject Leadership

An excellent course – lots of useful information. I'm looking forward to receiving the documents.
Thanks very much!

Sharlene McCallam St John Fisher school Outstanding Computing Subject Leadership

A useful course that gave me some ideas about how to begin planning a progression document for the computing curriculum in my school. As we are switching from having a specialist computing teacher to class teachers teaching computing it was nice to see your progression document. It reminded me just how much can be covered through other areas of the curriculum. I think this will make it much less daunting to staff who worry about teaching computing.

Emma Warren St Olave's Prep School Outstanding Computing Subject Leadership

Although I am just in my second year of teaching, this has to be by far the best CPD I have been on. I will definitely keep in touch with John! I will definitely use a lot of the skills that I have learned from today's session, when completing my MA dissertation at UCL university (Institute of Education).

Dan Kechoud Outstanding Computing Subject Leadership

Excellent course, has provoked lots of thought and ideas about how we can effectively show progression made throughout COVID, how to support middle leaders and senior leaders through the inspection and most importantly how to be prepared. Would fully recommend this course.

Marie Sweetlove Bradfields Academy OFSTED updates 2021

Very useful and relevant. Provided a clear way forward given the events over the past year.
Very good, clear, direct delivery. Thank you.

Natasha Johnson Pield Heath House School OFSTED updates 2021

Really useful. As a new principal of a school that has not been inspected since 2007(!), I am trying to be sure that I am fully prepared for the call that must be imminent.

David Woods Hockerill Anglo European College OFSTED updates 2021

Very informative, clear and factual. Good examples of practice shared. Prepared me to plan out the road map for the Ofsted visit. Reassurance that the curriculum needs to be developed but not embedded.

Razia Ali Marlborough Primary School OFSTED updates 2021

The course was excellent. I felt it was informative and will benefit my staff considerably.

Greg Higman Executive Head, Compass schools Deep Dive reading

Course content was simple, relevant and current. Loved it!

Rebecca Willmouth and Cat Wyers Castle Hill Primary School Deep Dive reading

I attended the course to see how to audit reading in the school and what the expectations are with a Deep Dive inspection. The course showed me what we are doing well; quick fixes that can be dealt with quickly and what to work on in the near future. In other words, it ticked all the boxes!

Jeremy Day Ipswich Prep School Deep Dive reading

Lots of food for thought and lots of action points for me to work on and meet with staff to discuss. Also very pleasing that I feel we are definitely heading in the right direction!

Jo Jackman Sibertswold CEP School Deep Dive reading

Useful in terms of being validated in what we are doing and I am now able to pinpoint exactly the areas that need further input with staff. Thank you – really useful.

Sarah Sharp The Stables Independent School Deep Dive reading

Amazing course that has now given myself a clear path to follow to developing the subject of computing. The action plan I will now write will be more useful and focused. Resources provided are invaluable. Really glad I attended as this has clarified many things and John was a great and engaging presenter. I would highly recommend this to any subject lead regardless of experience.

Sally Shipton St. Thomas CE Primary Werneth Oldham Outstanding Computing Subject Leadership

This a really effective course. I have used ASP before but there were many elements that I hadn't really understood- but now I have a much better understanding. The templates will be invaluable in preparing for Ofsted and in raising staff awareness. I look forward to receiving the pack. Thank you John for your informative and detailed presentation.

Claire Morton Little Reddings Primary School ASP and IDSR

Very informative and relevant information. It was great to have someone who has been in the classroom delivering the course, so many useful resources.

Emma Bacon Little Reddings Primary School Outstanding Science Subject Leadership

Very useful especially in terms of explaining the deep dive process. Gave us lots of questions to ask ourselves to best prepare us.

Gurpreet Kaur Killinghall Primary School Outstanding Science Subject Leadership

Good level of detail given. Staff feel more prepared to teach phonics.

Kerry Marshall Squirrels Heath Junior Phonics

The course was extremely thorough, and very informative about the new requirements for Ofsted, and also for the expectations post-Covid. The information about the deep-dives was extremely useful also. I feel so much more prepared and confident about our next inspection.

Paula Winter Grafton Primary School OFSTED inspection and call preparation

This was amazing, thank you so much.

Claire Blakemore Huntercombe Hospital School Stafford OFSTED Inspection and call preparation

Thank you very much John, finally a course which is concise, human with excellent materials for us to take away. I will be back for more insight and will share with my network.

Krupa Patel Headteacher, Shaftesbury High School OFSTED Inspection and call preparation

This was a really useful course. It clearly signposted what Ofsted would want to see, gave insight into rationale and theory and provided practical examples and resources to support progress in achieving desired outcomes. I have left with a clear vision about what I need to achieve and how I am going to do it. Thank you.

Claire Sansom The Springfield Centre Deep Dive into reading

Excellent session. Clear, useful and really worthwhile.

Sarah Hughes Beecroft Academy ASP and IDSR

Excellent course. Explained each element of the ASP very clearly and gave very useful information regarding calculating the impact score and the difference by numbers of pupils. Some very good ideas to support preparing for Ofsted lines of enquiry. Delivery was excellent!

Louise Reynolds Parkfields Middle School ASP and IDSR

The course was very detailed and thorough and prepared me for analyzing my own ASP and IDSR. The emphasis on making the data relevant to pupil number (rather than percentages) was particularly useful. I also thought it moved along quickly with no wasted time.

Mark Harrison St John the Evangelist Primary School ASP and IDSR

Very professional, clear thorough presentation on ASP. This will help me greatly in my role. You clearly know data and explained all of the tabs thoroughly. I really liked the checklist that you created for us!

Chris Hague Malin Bridge Primary School ASP and IDSR

Very informative course. I feel better informed about the impending Ofsted visits and how they operate.

Anu Morar Redbridge Primary School Essential inspection training for middle and subject leaders

Very informative course. I feel better informed about the impending Ofsted visits and how they operate.This course was so informative and helpful and has essentially mapped out the content of our SLT meetings, staff meetings and CPD for the next term! Will be booking the reading course tomorrow. Thank you for delivering such a huge amount of information in such an engaging manner.

Mark Peacey Witney Community Primary School Essential inspection training for middle and subject leaders

The course was really helpful as it highlighted good practice and shared practical ideas. It gave me a focus as an English lead to be able to think critically about reading at my school and John provided many signposts needed to explore the subject in detail. I now have the tools I need to deep dive into my own subject area.

Gary Johnson Pike Fold Primary School Deep dive into reading

This was extremely useful and just what I needed! John was clear, informative and easy to listen to. As a previous Head, he was able to relate to the challenges around preparing for an Inspection. Lots of great tips shared and useful resources to magpie in preparation for my own pending Inspection. Thank you John.

Kristy Davis St Swithun Wells OFSTED Inspection and call preparation

Superb course. Right pace and brilliant, helpful info to take our school site forward. Thanks!

Rob Noble The Springfield Centre Outstanding websites

Great course, informative, plenty of time given to ask questions, useful links provided.

Kerrie Gresham Woodlawn School Single Central Record

Very informative course. The presentation was well delivered and John was very knowledgeable. The time given to the training and the pace were both excellent. Many thanks.

Sheila Paige University Academy Holbeach Single Central Record

The course was really useful. It was great to have some research I have done confirmed and lots of practical strategies that can easily be implemented. It was nice to hear the data and impact following the implementation on these strategies. I really enjoyed the cognition section linked to schemas and how the brain works.

Sophie Hammond Collingwood Primary School Vocabulary

This course has taken me from fuzzy , half understood ideas to complete clarity regarding OFSTED's expectations of a sequenced curriculum and how they will inspect this. Thank you.

Yvonne Beardsmore Holy Trinity School Kidderminster Essential inspection training for middle and subject leaders

A really informative session. It gave us lots to think about and how we move forward in our setting introducing Phonics. It has developed my knowledge and expertise. Also, well delivered – Thank you John. Would definitely recommend you to other colleagues and schools!

Jackie Gladden Range High School Outstanding phonics

A really thought-provoking and informative course which has set my mind buzzing with "must dos" and "even better ifs" for when THAT call arrives! Thank you.

Sasha Sullivan Stephen Hawking School Inspection training and OFSTED call preparation

I found this training invaluable. Even though I am satisfied that our SCR is up-to-date and contains all the information required, it was good to have some questions answered. It also highlighted the need for some action, primarily in the monitoring of the SCR at Governor level and the need for tracking and reporting in minutes as evidence that this is being done. Also useful to know that files could be looked at, so will be getting scheduled in for a check! Thank you, very knowledgeable and confidently presented.

Karen McArdle Weatherhead High School Single Central Record

An excellent course – very insightful and well delivered with useful tips for preparation. The checklists are very useful and excellent guidance on how to prepare staff was given.

Sheila Paige University Academy Holbeach Inspection training and OFSTED call preparation

Really valued the templates which will inform my work with senior leaders. The key messages resonated with my recent experience of Ofsted inspections but the course allowed me to reflect on what More I could do to prepare my senior leaders across the 7 schools of the Trust. The key to success lies a lot in the preparation and support of leaders as you say and the materials provided will ensure a positive scaffold to structured conversations with leaders. Thank you.

Helen Redford Hernandez Brighter Futures Learning Partnership Trust Inspection training and OFSTED call preparation

Excellent training, up to date, relevant and pitched perfectly. Great hints and tips and thoughtful guidance for school leaders. Will definitely be recommending this course to other school leaders.

Rachael Saim Cedar Tree Federation Inspection training and OFSTED call preparation

I found the course extremely useful. The facts and figures contributed to the understanding of where reading is challenging for some. I liked the slides, which were easy to read and useful as print outs and the delivery and anecdotes made the course more fun. The opportunity to share ideas was also good and having a chance to try out some of the activities also made the course more engaging.

Caroline Pini St Edward's Primary Supporting the lowest 20% with reading

Such a brilliant course. Very current and relevant to my role. Great ideas and John was very helpful. Look forward to attending another one of John's courses in the future!

Salma Ali Crocketts Community Primary School Supporting the lowest 20% with reading

A very useful course which provided me with the knowledge and confidence which I had hoped to acquire.

Paul Worley Sycamore Academy Inspection training and OFSTED call preparation

An excellent course, well presented and very informative, really useful preparation for Ofsted. Handouts and resources and follow up resources were excellent.

Lee Raftery The Royal Liberty School Inspection training and OFSTED call preparation

A brilliant course that gives you all of the stepping stones to being prepared for Ofsted. Highly recommend John as he is engaging, dynamic and realistic. I will certainly use his expertise again!

Andrea Strirling-Williams Abbey Primary Inspection training and OFSTED call preparation

The course was excellent and very well facilitated. I left feeling I have more clarity and direction to plan for my school going forward. I will use the tools provided to guide my SLT and staff team.

Julieann Exley St Thomas More Catholic Primary School Inspection training and OFSTED call preparation

The course was excellent, the quality of resources and delivery was outstanding and relevant to secondary (something I was worried may not be the case). The balance also of conversation between participants was excellent. John was very efficient also in sending all relevant drop box resources. Thank you.

Peter Taylor Audenshaw School Inspection training and OFSTED call preparation

This was a concise, effective, inspirational and fact filled presentation by a person who is obviously completely on top of the subject. I took lots of notes and I immediately started to put into effect the key learning points on my school SCR. I look forward to the slides which I’m sure will be a valuable resource. This for me was far far away from the usual boring death by PowerPoint that I recently attended, run by my local authority on the same subject. Great course the time flew by. Thank you John.

Marcus Adams Wragby Primary Single Central Record

I got my money's worth as the training went past the end time considerably because the training stimulated lots of valid questions so thank you to the trainer for giving us so much time. I thought it was excellent and we are already putting into action some learning points.

Catherine Davies Bexhill Academy Single Central Record

Really useful and reassuring. John was super knowledgeable and very easy to listen to.

Jess Hill Alwoodley School Developing middle leaders

This course was brilliant! John is so informative! I have learned so much throughout the day, thank you – I'm looking forward to sharing all this valuable information back in school.

Christine Newton Archway Academy Developing middle leaders

Extremely helpful and greatly exceeded my expectations – full of essential elements, workarounds, handy tips, and insider info.

Tony Clayton The Constance Bridgeman Centre Outstanding websites

This course was brilliant. There was only one other person and myself and the course Trainer. I was after tips of how we could improve our school and trust websites. I came away with four pages of notes of really invaluable ideas that I can process. It was really personal there was plenty of time to ask questions and I really enjoyed it. Highly recommend.

Paula Warren Olympus Academy Trust Outstanding websites

This course was very informative. The trainer, John, provided very valuable information about OFSTED deep dives and how to promote reading across the school. In addition, the course leader presented the information in a very clear way. I was able to reflect on things that I could implement in my school. The vocabulary aspect was very interesting. The entire course was very enlightening. Thank you for this training.

Nicola Reynolds Mulberry Trust Lowest 20% of readers

Very informative and well structured presentation. John was engaging presenter and clearly very knowledgeable about the content. Very thorough and useful bank of resources supplied post course. Great starting points for discussion, staff CPD as well as peace of mind with preparation.

Nick Pritchard Manor Green College Inspection training and OFSTED preparation

This course was absolutely brilliant. It worked well for both beginners and experienced website users. John pitched it perfectly and I took away a lot of tips and actions for improving my school's website. Thank you.

Corinne Breingan Fairfield High School Outstanding websites

Excellent course – superb research, explanations and engagement given from John Musgrave Bolanos. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have already found it useful developing strategies for our Academy moving forward.

Hayley Moohan Longfield Academy Long-term memory, learning and curriculum

Excellent course- highly recommend to every teacher and school leader! This training should be a key part of the teacher training process and should be at the forefront of all curriculum design and lesson planning. John was clear and the content was carefully planned. We have come away very motivated and ready to embed this research into all we do at school.

Ania Kennedy St Mark's Primary Long-term memory, learning and curriculum

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