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Measuring impact - having a narrative eBook


Adaptive teaching is a vital approach for fostering a completely inclusive classroom environment and has been demonstrated to enhance student outcomes. It is a fundamental element of the Teachers’ Standards, the Early Career Framework, and the OFSTED Education Inspection Framework.

Unlike traditional methods of differentiation that might have required different groups of pupils to undertake distinct tasks or achieve varied outcomes, adaptive teaching aims to address the needs of the entire class while also catering to the specific requirements of individual students. This approach necessitates that educators have a thorough understanding of their pupils’ previous achievements to offer precise support.

This eBook offers actionable methods for implementing adaptive teaching, with a focus on considerations and strategies educators should employ before, during, and after lessons to effectively integrate this approach throughout the curriculum.

The book covers the following content:

  • What is adaptive teaching?
  • Adaptive teaching vs differentiation
  • Early Career Framework
  • Equality vs equity
  • Progression steps
  • Identifying and addressing barriers
  • Texts and AI
  • Working memory
  • Dual coding
  • Vocabulary
  • Planning assessment
  • Synthesising learning
  • Questioning
  • Adapting ‘in the moment’

65 pages.

This product is a PDF format digital download.

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