Primary Spelling is a structured programme for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 where children learn spellings by word family.

  • Children learn up to 12 new words per week
  • Words are learnt in context – meanings and sentences
  • More than 90 word family lessons in Key Stage 1
  • Supports and consolidates phonics teaching
  • Photocopiable word lists to cut out and send home with children to learn spellings
  • Weekly dictation exercise –  photocopiable worksheet
  • Teacher notes for each lesson
  • Primary style cursive font to assist reading
  • Tracking spreadsheet for record keeping

Teacher book

Teacher notes

Teacher notes

Copiable word lists to take home

Copiable word lists to take home

Dictation worksheets

Dictation worksheets

Curriculum coverage


a, o, i, e, u, ee, oo, oo(u), ar, or, sh, ch, th, a-e, i-e, o-e, u-e, e-e, ai, oa, ir, ou, ea, ay, ur, aw, oi, er, all, ow, igh, a(ar), ow(o)

Year 1

ll, y(e), ea(e), o(u), ue, ew, ore, zz, ve, ed, er, est, oy, ff, ss, oe, un, wh, ph, au, air, ear, are, ing, tch, ck, ie(i), ie(e), nk, k

Year 2

a(o), ey, o(er), ar, s, wr, le, kn/gn, tion, o(u), ar, ies, il, ce, ci, cy, dge, ge, g/j, ment, ness, less, ful, ly, el, al, contractions, ed, er/est, ing, double consonants, y(i)

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